Clari5 Thought Leadership

BigData for Social media leadership & Analysis

Top Challenges of Banks
 Social Media where the customers express their views freely and fairly is not exploited enough for refined customer segmentation and to provide targeted communication.


This solution has 2 modules

Module 1 :
 This module provides a financial institution reports and dashboards on its performance vis-à-vis competitors.

 The performance parameters can also be defined by the business users. The solution takes inputs from social media channels like twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs/forums and many more.

 This helps an institution to plan things ahead based on the current performance.

Module 2 :
 This module helps business users with the relevant list of places and topics that they should be talking about to improve mind share.

 The module mines important forums and provides the business user a dashboard with hot topics in the space with an ability to post a viewpoint on the same.

 This saves tremendous amount of time and reduces the scope of missing any important discussion that the financial institution should be a part of.

Key Benefits

 Helps to stay on the top of the mind of customers and influencers.

 Helps a financial institution to project itself as a thought leader in the space that they are operating in.