Clari5 Customer Profiling Analytics

BigData for Customer dynamic segmentation and profiling booster which will work over existing segmentation/profiling systems

Top Challenges of Banks
 Customer churn is not identified in real-time.

 Targeted communication to reduce customer churn/improve customer satisfaction is not provided in real-time.


 Customer behavior analysis entails the analysis of the buying behavior, churn behavior, satisfaction, and loyalty of your customers. These aspects make up a customer's behavioral profile, and you can then place customers exhibiting a similar behavioral profile in the same customer segment.

 The more you know about the behavioral profile of your customers, the more effective your measures become, such as measures to counteract customer churn. You can target individual customers or customer segments according to their needs, provide the customer care as appropriate, and thereby achieve greater customer satisfaction.

 Clari5 Customer Profiling Analytics helps financial institution segment their customers based on Customer Life Time Value, MBA and many user defined parameters so that the targeting is appropriate.

Key Benefits

 Reduces customer churn and more targeted communication