Clari5 CLTV

Unlock customer lifecycle value

Top Challenges of Banks
 Inability to increase the share of wallet efficiently and in a cost effective way.

 Customer buys an innocuous product and the relationship stays as it is.

 Inconsistent Positioning: Siloed view of Customer relationship with the bank.

 No facility to analyze customer continuously and refactor his needs & recommendations.


 This solution helps to systematically onboard a new customer with an end objective of expanding the customer relationship across products over a period of time – wherein the life time value is taken into consideration. Some illustrative examples are as follows

 Credit card pitch should have been made within 'x' weeks of customer onboarding

 Channel usage should have gone up by y%

 Based on Account turnover – new category needs to be identified and appropriate products needs to be recommended

Key Benefits

 Increase the share of a customer's wallet via contextual cross-sell

 Maximize non-fee based income from customer