September 2016 Issue

The CustomerXPs Financial Fraud Newsletter is your monthly update on the world of financial crime and insights to innovative technology to combat the phenomenon. This issue highlights CustomerXPs’ recognition as an enterprise player in the RiskTech Quadrant, a prestigious analysis by Chartis - the leading provider of research and analysis on the global market for risk technology.

Real-time Intraday Liquidity Monitoring Solution to Achieve Basel III Deadline

Clari5 real-time Intraday Liquidity Monitoring Solution is a packaged, ready-to-deploy solution to help banks in the UAE achieve timely compliance with BCBS 248 requirements for Intraday Liquidity Risk Management. Besides mitigating intraday liquidity risk, banks in the UAE can now expect complete compliance with the BCBS 248 regulation in time for the January 2017 deadline... Read More

Interview: Welcome To The World Where The CRO Never Sleeps

Banking Technology’s recent interview highlights how banks in their rush to go digital have been sidestepping their anti-fraud priorities. The article talks about why banks need to think differently to bring in a network effect and cross-pollinate intelligence in real-time for combating fraud... Read More

Deloitte Cybersecurity Key Report: Deloitte: Cybersecurity - De-risking Indian Banks

Examining the evolution of banking regulation from 2001 to 2015, this insightful report emphasizes how actionable threat intelligence derived from a wide range of sources and well defined governance processes, which instill cyber risk awareness, accountability, and effective continuous adaptation can be critical fuel in driving a paradigm shift... Read More

Launch: CustomerXPs Announces Asia Pacific Edition Of Clari5

Subsequent to Clari5 being voted Best Fraud Detection Product, Kris Finsoftware and CustomerXPs announced a customized version of the acclaimed product for banks in Asia Pacific to meet their specific requirements. Kris Finsoftware and CustomerXPs have been collaborating extensively on product customization for Asia Pacific and have incorporated significant changes in the customized product based on specific market intricacies... Read More

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