Clari5 Call Center Booster

Top Challenges of Banks
 Bank is forced to do mass outreach programs with low conversions and high cost – which would have been obviated if the bank reached out to the customer immediately. Consequently bank loses revenue, cost of acquisition is high.

 There is no system in place to identify cross-sell opportunities during a service call.


 Maximizes the outbound call effectiveness by helping the financial institution to map efficiency of the agent with the customer needs and schedule calls accordingly.

 The application has features like topic based navigation, intelligent customer selection that helps in call scheduling.

 Provides the agent necessary arsenal to make Intelligent conversations during the call.

Key Benefits

 Increase in number of leads generated through the Call center.

 Increase in sales through Call Center and improve staff productivity.

 Engage with customers to get higher wallet share.

 Customer is delighted with the pro-active response from the bank.