Rivi Varghese

Founder - CEO


Ours is a story of PATTERNS: A story of seemingly unrelated events, but when threaded together an awesome pattern emerges. It is as if, for over 15 years, each of these events happened with a purpose, one naturally leading to the other.

Mutually exclusive, but collectively exhaustive team: At the core we are product guys, because that is what we have done for most of our professional lives. We started off together, at Infosys’ banking products group, when it was small and one customer old. When the group hit the "J" curve with multiple customers, countries, products, we were part of this transformation often leading from the front. Interestingly each one of us, rode this wave wearing different hats - while I saw it from product management, sales and marketing perspectives, Aditya saw it from the technology & architecture angle, Balaji saw this from the customer on-boarding, bank transformation & implementation. Sandhya was into finance & control with the largest SBU's of Infosys.

When we exited we had already conceived, created, sold 12 new to the world banking products, interacted with senior mgmt of over 200 banks in 20 plus countries, had done end to end bank transformation projects, with a system which is among the most scalable platforms available today. Our later experiences with Amazon, Microsoft and Accenture helped us fill knowledge gaps in complementary areas.

Technology and sciences keep us busy: We have varied interests and would love to be clued in to these always - Computer science, artificial intelligence, mathematics, logic and technology, probability, set theory, statistics, psychology, sociology et al. We were also influenced by the kind of books released during the time - Blink, The wisdom of crowds, Tipping point, Outliers, Freakonomics, Fooled by randomness. We figured that the best way to be connected to these passions with like-minded people was to turn this collective passion into a business - a product which can blend these disparate fields into a fine art!

Our vision - Delivering Human like REAL-TIME Intelligence: We want to make software products that is more Human like - intuitive, contextual, ability to work with partial information, thinking learning inferring and most importantly functions in REAL-TIME - ie more of Right Brain software. Contrast this with today’s transaction oriented left brained approaches, which is causing huge disconnects across the end customer spectrum. People are craving for the HUMAN TOUCH as in the good old days, wherein a customer can end every interaction with the satisfaction that she has interacted with her best friend. We also make organizations predictable in REAL-TIME across their core functions.

We felt that this is a tough problem to crack, a problem which can keep us passionately busy for a long time, which will require us to blend multiple sciences together, make us go into unchartered territory - Frankly how many of us think of incorporating inputs from marketing psychology, sociology, set theory etc during software product design.

Our calling: We create 'customer centered predictable enterprises' and we achieve this by - Directing intelligence to the heart of every customer interaction in real-time.

Why the name CustomerXPs™: CustomerXPs™ stands for customer eXPerience eXPerts. Can’t help quoting few lines from the song Human Touch by Bruce Springsteen...

 Share a little of that human touch Feel a little of that human touch Give me a little of that human touch  

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Rivi Varghese Founder, CEO